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a painting for Nebt-het and jewelry for Hethert-Nut

I like doing art for my gods; I like being creative and listening until I can feel Their input. This weekend was particularly productive in terms of offerings for my Mothers.

For Nebt-het, I did a painting – this makes a complete set of paintings for the gods of my RPD! (Sekhmet is next, though I don’t yet have the skill to do what She wants done.) It’s a simple painting, and as usual, photographing metallics is a terrible idea; the colors and especially the backgrounds are much more subtle and dark in person, but this is the best I can do. I do like how it came out. (There’s a shinier version here if you’re curious!)

The symbols belong to Her other aspects; the red is Nit’s symbol, and the yellow is Seshat’s. Once I’ve gotten some face time with both of those deities, I’d like to do another painting with Them more fully present, but I need to know Them before I can paint them, so this will suffice for now. :)

For Hethert-Nut, I wanted something wearable. I love having jewelry that reminds me of my gods – I have a lion ring for Ma’ahes, a silver pendant for Sekhmet, and Serqet’s scorpion necklace. But I don’t have anything for Hethert-Nut or Nebt-het. With the help of my partner, who is both talented and experienced with making jewelry, I’m going to turn a rosary I got for Nebt-het into a wearable necklace, but that still leaves me lacking something for Hethert-Nut.

So, having no idea what I was getting into, I decided to create a pendant out of sculpey. Long story short, my partner helped me with the wire “skeleton” and was entirely responsible for weaving the cord and doing the beadwork (though I did pick out which beads to use with Hethert-Nut’s guidance). And I created and painted the pendant. It’s considerably larger than I expected, so it’ll only get ritual wear, not daily wear. And since I never quit while ahead, I’m already planning a much smaller pendant for daily wear that can be traded out on the necklace.

I love how this came out. I am, quite frankly, awed at how well the paint colors (chosen by Hethert-Nut in the store weeks ago) and the beads (picked from our existing stock) go together. They exemplify Her.

Dua Nebt-het! Dua Hethert-Nut!

the Celestial Cow

I am still sick, but I am also impatient, and while my coughing up a lung means I’m not exactly in a state of physical purity fit for ritual, I can still paint. Right? Right.

So I painted this for Hethert-Nut:

I swear to you, the stars on Her body are silver, but the camera turned them golden. I don’t know why. This is the best color-correcting I can do, and it’s still a lot more subtle and blendy in person. Nekhtet and huzzah! Thanks to Tornir’s brilliance, I got a shot with the colors far more accurate. Yay! You can see the original photo here.

It’s not the purple I associate with Her presence; I mixed the painting-purples myself, but I just didn’t have supplies to do the kind of rich, deep royal purple that I’d prefer. I may go buy a bottle of the right color and do another painting of/for Her later – we’ll see.

That said, however, I do like how this turned out. =3

Dua Hethert-Nut!

art! artartart

So, a while ago, I did a painting for Ma’ahes. It is extremely colorful. And yes, I am silver with a blue mohawk. What.

The story is thus: One of the first times I met Him at sunset, I invited Him in by… um… essentially turning my local (inner and energetic) space to ocean and stormy skies. In response, He met me with vivid orange sand, a setting sun, and a bright sky. While I was painting this, I was trying to encapsulate that first meeting of two very different people and our respective worlds. It was Ma’ahes’ idea to have us both with one foot in each side. :)

And then tonight! Tonight I painted a scorpion, and it actually looks like a scorpion! (I had a childhood where no one knew what I was drawing, so being able to create something recognizable is amazing to me. To be fair, most of my drawings were my own inventions, but I got tired of the endless conversations that went like this: “Is it… a dog?” “No.” “A horse?” “No.” “A… dragon?” “Closer.” “What is it?” “It’s a [name of species I had invented].” “…oh. What’s that?” “It’s this.” *points at sketch*)

This is, as you may have guessed, in honor of Serqet. She chose the color of the scorpion and the pale yellow aura surrounding it, as well as the striking background; I was surprised and pleased when the colors went together as well as they did.

Dua Ma’ahes! Dua Serqet!

so about them thar sphinxes

I have been wanting a $100+ book about Twtw (Tutu/Tithoes) for about a year now, give or take. I have been lusting after it. It is the book on Twtw, an entity I find endlessly fascinating and compelling.

And with his first paycheck, J performed a book tithe and gifted me this book. It arrived today.

And then I arted. Fourth painting, and you know? It came out how I intended. I’m happy. Click through to see a larger version!

Okay so I’m actually giddy and hyper-excited about the book+painting+squee, so uh, “happy” might be an understatement.

(And if you were wondering, yes, that picture was taken with everything resting on a djembe. Also, the background is way more subtle in person, and the outline is in silver, not white.)


I tried painting, this weekend. I have never before painted on a canvas, and I was using my decade-old acrylics from back when I used to paint ceramics. I bought little 4×6″ canvas boards (and a couple 3×3″ black stretched canvas…es) and a small handful of new metallic paints. (When it comes to paints, I am a magpie. Shiny things attract me.) I had plenty of canvas boards, so I didn’t have to worry about making the first few good – I just wanted to see how paints acted on canvas.

I think some part of me must have gotten its hopes up that my first thing would be totally awesome, because I was disappointed when it wasn’t. But I learned something nifty I could do with texture, which made it quite useful. My second painting (which I will show you in a minute) also did not come out quite as intended, but I like it better than the first, though they’re so different as to be incomparable. When my sister saw the second, she liked it enough that I painted her a customized similar thing, which is by far the best of the three, but is hers to share if she so wishes, as it is personal to her.

I will show you the second painting now, with the preface that I am learning and you’re not allowed to critique it. :D I like the style, though I am still practicing how to do finer line-weights with a brush, and may do others of a better nature soon. Anyways, click to see a larger version:

In Egyptian mythology, the sky (Nut) and earth (Geb) loved each other so much that they refused to part, so their father, the god of air (Shu) had to stand between them and hold the sky up, so that life could exist on earth. Below them, in the underworld, you see Wesir on His throne and Nebt-het behind Him, though Nebt-het is not canonically supposed to be there. >_>;; Also you have Ap-p, the chaos serpent, and the Eye of Ra lioness goddess with Her seven arrows (plague, generally) fighting it off. Again, not totally canon, as normally Ap-p attacks Ra in His sun barque when it’s underground during the night, but hey, I was playing around.

Still kinda want to do a more true-to-mythology version, though…