Grave Moss & Stars


I tried painting, this weekend. I have never before painted on a canvas, and I was using my decade-old acrylics from back when I used to paint ceramics. I bought little 4×6″ canvas boards (and a couple 3×3″ black stretched canvas…es) and a small handful of new metallic paints. (When it comes to paints, I am a magpie. Shiny things attract me.) I had plenty of canvas boards, so I didn’t have to worry about making the first few good – I just wanted to see how paints acted on canvas.

I think some part of me must have gotten its hopes up that my first thing would be totally awesome, because I was disappointed when it wasn’t. But I learned something nifty I could do with texture, which made it quite useful. My second painting (which I will show you in a minute) also did not come out quite as intended, but I like it better than the first, though they’re so different as to be incomparable. When my sister saw the second, she liked it enough that I painted her a customized similar thing, which is by far the best of the three, but is hers to share if she so wishes, as it is personal to her.

I will show you the second painting now, with the preface that I am learning and you’re not allowed to critique it. :D I like the style, though I am still practicing how to do finer line-weights with a brush, and may do others of a better nature soon. Anyways, click to see a larger version:

In Egyptian mythology, the sky (Nut) and earth (Geb) loved each other so much that they refused to part, so their father, the god of air (Shu) had to stand between them and hold the sky up, so that life could exist on earth. Below them, in the underworld, you see Wesir on His throne and Nebt-het behind Him, though Nebt-het is not canonically supposed to be there. >_>;; Also you have Ap-p, the chaos serpent, and the Eye of Ra lioness goddess with Her seven arrows (plague, generally) fighting it off. Again, not totally canon, as normally Ap-p attacks Ra in His sun barque when it’s underground during the night, but hey, I was playing around.

Still kinda want to do a more true-to-mythology version, though…