What's A Conlang?

Conlangs have been called many things: constructed languages, model languages, articial languages, giant wastes of time, and self-inflicted headaches are among the most common terms. Conlangs can be as complex as real-world languages or as simple as a handful of vocabulary terms and no syntax.

Cyphers are letter-exchangers, trading one letter for another to make a code that may or may not be pronunciable; some cyphers use numbers and symbols as well.

Learn Uhjayi

Learn Uhjayi
Uhjayi is a root-based fictional language that comes with a unique syntax, written script, and pronunciation pattern. You can learn it here with written and audio lessons.

Cypher Translators

Kommu/Dannu Translator
Spoken by the humans on Ykinde.

Eona Translator
Spoken by the Panthera on Ykinde.

Vish Translator
Spoken by the Lupos on Ykinde.

Irdic Translator
Spoken by the Avans on Ykinde.

Alkerian Translator
Spoken by the alkers on Ykinde.