There’s a reason this scrap of paper is taped to the cover of a spiral-bound notebook, you know. Pay attention!

The name’s Shane. Shane Myers. The notebook in your hands is mine. I’d really, really like it back.

There’s a chance I won’t be around to see the thing returned, but… let’s just pretend I dropped it. I live in Parsons – it’s this little no-name town in West Virginia. On Earth. Look, don’t bother reading through the pages – you won’t get it. And, actually, it’s a good thing that you don’t get it. If you did, they might come after you, too.

Trust me, that’s the last thing you want to happen, alright?

So just put the notebook down… or drop it off at the public library in Parsons, if you’re in the neighborhood. Either way, don’t keep it. Don’t lug it around, trying to find a Shane Myers that may not even be kickin’ anymore. Get rid of this thing as quickly as you can.

Just don’t read it.

PS: Ez uay’hi hiotemj drel em Kalash, drim… uh… pau E rabi uay’hi mad wahcemj zah dri Ivesl. Ez uay’hi am ayh leti, drim hiot drel omt RISB YL, zah khuemj ayd sayt!

This is the story of a war that spanned not territories, not continents, not even worlds – but entire galaxies. This is the story of one girl who knew too much, who became the most valuable key to ending that war – in favor of those who would ravage all the planets they could reach. This is the story of a handful of desperate creatures who stood up in defiance of inevitable fate, in defiance of overwhelming odds – and fought at death’s door for their freedom.

This is the story of The Dark Wars.