Grave Moss & Stars

art! artartart

So, a while ago, I did a painting for Ma’ahes. It is extremely colorful. And yes, I am silver with a blue mohawk. What.

The story is thus: One of the first times I met Him at sunset, I invited Him in by… um… essentially turning my local (inner and energetic) space to ocean and stormy skies. In response, He met me with vivid orange sand, a setting sun, and a bright sky. While I was painting this, I was trying to encapsulate that first meeting of two very different people and our respective worlds. It was Ma’ahes’ idea to have us both with one foot in each side. :)

And then tonight! Tonight I painted a scorpion, and it actually looks like a scorpion! (I had a childhood where no one knew what I was drawing, so being able to create something recognizable is amazing to me. To be fair, most of my drawings were my own inventions, but I got tired of the endless conversations that went like this: “Is it… a dog?” “No.” “A horse?” “No.” “A… dragon?” “Closer.” “What is it?” “It’s a [name of species I had invented].” “…oh. What’s that?” “It’s this.” *points at sketch*)

This is, as you may have guessed, in honor of Serqet. She chose the color of the scorpion and the pale yellow aura surrounding it, as well as the striking background; I was surprised and pleased when the colors went together as well as they did.

Dua Ma’ahes! Dua Serqet!