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The Pagan Blog Project

I think I’ve found something that tickles my fancy, and it’s called the Pagan Blog Project. The basic jist of it is that folks ’round the world post every Friday, all through 2012, about something related to their flavor of paganism. It can be experiential, theoretical, historical, factual, or anything else. The topics need to be alphabetical, though; e.g., first two weeks start with A, second two weeks start with B, etc. Read more here, if you’re curious.

I really like the idea of doing at least one post a week to explore spiritual and metaphysical topics. As you might expect, most of these posts will probably be Kemetic in nature, but I hope to stray at least a little and get to talking about other things in my experience, as well. In an attempt to hold to the overall PBP schedule, today’s post (to follow this introductory one) will be a topic starting with B. Do not be surprised if I later add two A-topics to make up for the Fridays I missed. :)

I think I will try to A) not write posts for PBP Fridays that I would’ve written anyways (That means no M for Ma’ahes, as I will be writing about him whether or not I’m participating!) and B) not do your standard 101 topics unless they’re either new to me or I have a different twist on them than most. This’ll let me have a lot of fun being quirky and left-of-center with my topics. =3

This’ll be fun.