Grave Moss & Stars

Dua Twtw

I met God today.
He had a man’s visage indistinct
and a lion’s body wrapped in dusk.
Hiding under His living shadow
were pale pinions and a serpent-faced tail.

I met God today.
He had a voice like an earthquake beneath the sea,
and His words reverberated inside my skull
like rolling thunder across the prairie at night.
His laughter shook the starry sky.

I met God today.
He dared me to brave His darkness to reach His depths,
demanded my zeal to bring Him as a moth to aqua light.
I said okay. I said alright.
I’ve seen scarier shadows before.

I met God today.
I bid Him welcome.
I said may a particle of You find a home here
and gave Him the statue a craftsman had made of Him,
so that He and I might live together under the same roof.

I met God today.
And with any luck, I’ll meet Him tomorrow, too.