Grave Moss & Stars

Dua Tefnut, Dua Shu!

Today is the birthday of Tefnut, goddess of moisture, and Shu, god of wind. I have been waffling about posting this prayer-poem, which is spontaneous and personal, but really, what’s the point of this spiritual blog if I’m not sharing things true-of-heart?

if I may be so bold
as to touch You,
I would like to rest
my head against Your skin,
my hair mingling with Your fur
which is rain
which is fur.
I am in love
with the very idea of You,
You water-lioness,
a god-form of me,
so much greater and so deeply unknown.
You live in my head
richly adorned with greens and blues,
and I would praise Your name
with every drop of sweat,
every tear,
and every humid heartbeat.

if I may be so bold
as to touch You,
I would like to open
my wings to Your breath,
alighting upon Your currents
like a leaf in the pulse
of the crosswinds.
I am made alive
by the wind that is Your domain,
and I have known You,
You of gold and silver light
gleaming translucent in the breeze.
Knowing You are here
to uphold the sky
and let us taste each precious breath,
I praise Your name
with every sigh,
every song,
and every filling lung.