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Dua Nit!

Jan 10th Festival: Feast of Nit
Jan 16th Festival: Feast of Nit

Litany to Nit from texts at the temples of Esna:

Nit, Great One, Divine Mother, Lady of Esna,
Nit, Great One, Divine Mother, Lady of Sau (Sais), in the Chapel of the House of the Mother:
Lady of Sau, Great Ruler of Kemet;
Water that created Geb, created Ptah-tenen; Ptah-tenen Who created Him who created Geb.
Male Who made female; Female Who made male;
Wide water Who created eternity (Djet); water Who made everlastingness (Neheh);
Who rose in Nun while earth was in darkness.
Living Ancestor, Who had Her origins in Nun, before the creation of Geb and the raising of Nut.
Genetrix, Cobra Who was at the beginning, Mother of time primordial, She Who created Her own birth….
Rait, Atenet, Nunet: Shining Star at the beginning Who created those on high and those who are low,
Mysterious One Who made living beings and created all that lives by Her existence.

From temple texts at Edfu:

O Mother! Shining One Who turns back darkness,
Who illuminates everyone with Her rays,
Hail Great One of many Names,
You from Whom the gods came forth!

With love and thanks to Hemet for the translations.