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PBP Fridays: C is for Consistency

In January, I decided I wanted to do a post here every Wednesday. When I remembered that PBP was A Thing, I chose to keep my original intention and add the Friday post to the plan. To date, I’ve actually done rather well, missing only one post this last Wednesday (I have been sick all week and Wednesday was a Very Special Day, which is another post entirely!). Not bad!

Consistency, such as that demonstrated by my regular posts here, is one of my biggest challenges… and one of the most important qualities that I want to build within myself and my spiritual practice. For myself, I am not satisfied with occasional glimpses of the divine and once-in-a-while brushes with my gods. I am not satisfied to only show up, in full presence of mind, to shrine every now and then. I want more from myself, and I want more from my spirituality, than just that – and if I want to get it, I’ve got to give it first. (Which, in the interest of full disclosure, is insanely difficult.)

And spirituality isn’t the only realm in which I’m learning the value of consistency and putting it into practice. How often have we heard the statement that practicing something consistently for a short time each day is more beneficial and effective than practicing for a longer time once or twice each week? While it’s important to factor in rest periods for recovery, whether to let muscles repair themselves or to let knowledge gained really sink in, the method of steady, gradual progress really does win the day in many cases.

All of this, of course, I only apply myself. I most certainly cannot tell anyone else whether it’s better to touch base with their gods daily or to dedicate larger portions of time less regularly; what works for me will undoubtedly not work for everyone ever. And in some cases, it’s simply more practical to reserve a healthy amount of time less often in order to really get what you want out of the experience. As always, to each their own, and it’s worthwhile to experiment and see what rhythm best suits you and your faith. Some gods may want maximum quality and be willing to wait; others may want to see us every day, regardless of how awesome we may be feeling at the time.

For myself, I really want to incorporate more consistency into my life, and writing regularly here (and on my creative blog) is my first step. I am a pretty speedy writer, and writing helps me organize my thoughts, stumble over new insights, and record what’s happening more faithfully than my fallible human memory… but, more importantly than all of that, writing makes me think. And if I want to be more consistent in my spirituality, the first step for me is to think, consistently, about what I believe and how I practice.

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