Grave Moss & Stars

my heart is flying high on outstretched wings

Oh oh oh. Oh, my friends. November 21st shall forevermore be a day of celebration.

Yesterday, I was divined a child of Nebthet-Nit-Seshat and Hethert-Nut, and a beloved of Ma’ahes and Serqet. Nekhtet!

(An explanation of the divination for those unfamiliar can be found here!)

I’m not sure if I can write about this coherently, but I’m going to try very hard. :) The opening message from my Akhu, my ancestors, was an overwhelmingly positive one, all blessings, all encouragement that I’m doing well, all reassurances that I can do and have what I work hard to achieve. I am so very grateful for that, and I will buy them flowers in thanks, and I will start work on the little Akhu shrine that I planned out over the weekend. I hope to pick up a shelf tonight for that very thing.

I am immeasurably delighted and surprised by my Mothers. I mean, yes, I’ve had some very pleasant interactions with Nebt-het before, and I had been intrigued by Nit (a very old hunter-goddess with associations with the primordial waters of the Nun) and Seshat (librarian goddess!), but for Her (yes, singular, as They are One) to be my Mother… I am awed. (And of course, Djeri and my sister were all “I never would have guessed but it makes perfect sense!” when they found out. XD)

Hethert-Nut is Hethert as the night sky. She came outta nowhere; She’s the only one I had never had relations with before yesterday. However, while in a teaching chat with Hemet (the leader and founder of Kemetic Orthodoxy) a while ago, Her name came up and immediately had a color association with it– this rich, deep, beautiful royal purple, like silks. It’s not exactly common for me to get a color-vibe before even encountering a Netjeru, so I asked about Her, intrigued, and was given a little more information, but that was all until yesterday, when She was pronounced my Mother along with Nebthet-Nit-Seshat. And I was just… instantly enveleoped in Her color, and it was joyful and smiling and felt like a hug from a warm spring night with fireflies and stars and night-blooming flowers. ♥

Ma’ahes… oh, Ma’ahes. I have become very close with Him over these past couple months, and I regret that I haven’t written more about Him on here, but I will make a separate post that explains our short but rich history soon. He is a male Eye of Ra, a lion-god, colored like the sun and usually seen as a warrior and/or executioner of enemies. I see Him as human-animal, with a lion’s head and tail, paw-like hands and feet, and a muscular man’s body. Sometimes He has tawny-golden fur, but more often, I see His skin like magma, blaze-orange shining past patches of blackened char; to me, He is the setting sun, the transition between the golden glory of day and the encompassing darkness of night. I was so hopeful that He would show up in my divination, and so happy, so relieved, when He did. To me, He is also a god of storms, and it was thundering all yesterday evening, a soothing and grounding background to the RPD itself and my bubbling-over excitement.

And Serqet! Serqet, the Netjeru I have written about most in here, for all my work with Her in prayers to help me heal from poisons and guard me against new ones. Until recently, when I felt Her presence– to accept the offerings a few weeks ago, to choose the colors for Her painting, and all of yesterday, when I wasn’t wearing my scorpion necklace, yet felt Her dull-amber energy drape around me like the collar of a cloak, like an embrace, and She felt happy– I would not have guessed She would show up. My sister and my partner both placed their bets on Her being here, and well, they win. :D I am grateful and happy that She is here.

I will stop here, and leave essence o’ joy scattered in my wake, and come back as soon as I can to write a little bit more, especially about Ma’ahes, as I have been amiss in talking about Him.

So very happy and so very grateful, to my gods, to my community, to my Akhu, to Hemet. Nekhtet!