Grave Moss & Stars

giving thanks

I have been praying to Serqet for protection against poison, and healing from old poisons, since we got to Texas and I made this necklace as a focal point/talisman. I have never felt Her presence, but I have continued to thank Her for Her help. I’ve had a handful of not-so-random dreams with Her touch on them, so I don’t feel like I’m praying into silence.

Last night, a situation was defused that had the potential to be particularly venomous. (That’d be why you saw my thank-you prayer yesterday.) Because of the enormity of what could have been and wasn’t, I wanted to give Her offerings– and, for the first time, I felt Her choose what She wanted among the options I laid out.

I lit a candle and incense at shrine, knelt, and presented the drink and food that She wanted. I thanked Her again and again. And, to my surprise, I felt Her presence as She consumed the offerings, and when She was done, I reverted them gratefully.

I tend to have strong color associations with Netjeru, to the point where the color I’m picking up indicates Who’s around, to the point where I can distinguish even similar shades, like Wesret-orange and Ma’ahes-orange. I would have expect Serqet to be the yellow of the deathstalker scorpion, but She wasn’t– Hers was more of an old, dusty amber color. It’s the first time I’ve gotten enough of a sense of Her to perceive any color at all, and I’m honored that She stepped in and accepted Her offerings.

Dua Serqet for all Her help, past, present, and future.