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Kemetic Resources and Academic Discernment

This is a short post to let you know that I have, after a lot of foot-dragging, updated my Kemetic Resources page with a load of goodies: free and legal book downloads, links to scholarly sites and blogs, and other top-notch resources for new and seasoned Kemetics alike. I compiled these links myself, and though I have done my very best to include only reliable and informative sites/books, I cannot lay claim that all of them are 100% perfect. If, however, you have recommendations of links to add (or warnings of links to remove), please do chime in with a comment!

In direct relation to this, I’d like to point you all towards Sarduriur’s Academic Sources Guide for the Unversed, which explains how to discern a poor academic source from a trustworthy academic source. (Please note that this applies to research-based information, not personal experience and UPG!)