I learned how to balance the mojo budget by avoiding things that cost me energy and engaging in things that energize me.

I found a LLAMA FONT. Yes.

I read about the allure of the “gay caveman” and the existence of third genders in various cultures.

I learned that you’re never really ready, but you can sure as hell be willing.

I learned that human skin is now being mass-producted in a robot-controlled factory. SCIENCE IS SO COOL.

I learned that scientists managed to teleport Shrodinger’s cat in the form of wave packets of light. Have I mentioned how much I love quantum science?

I read a letter to teenage girls that I wish I could send to every kid in high school.

I learned that we’re all stones in a rock tumbler, and our sharp edges will be smoothed down in time as we touch others and they touch us.

I learned that part of strength is knowing when to let go.

I learned about shenpa and how to deal with it, which is still blowing my mind because this is something I struggle with every day.

I found out that someone made a “Heaven” tetris game based on xkcd’s comic. Oh, it’s addictive.

I read about how future history students will think it’s embarrassing and ridiculous that we took so long to legalize gay marriage. This will probably prove true in time.

Your Friday photo was taken in Colorado a few years back; I still think it’s hilarious.