I learned some great tips on how to start bicycling to work, which is something I want to try once it STOPS BEING WINTER. Any time now, Nevada, really. Only two of the dozen mini-trees outside my office building are even budding. The rest are stylized sticks.

I found the Periodic Table of Storytelling, which is both interesting and entertaining.

I learned that, sometimes, being kind means being compassionate to another person’s troubles.

I found a book you can sleep in. YES.

And at the last minute, I found a fantastic manifesto that says that the internet is made of people, and people matter, so be nice. So much love for this one.

Your Friday photo is a shot from Colorado. That tiny, long-haired spec down there is my love, J. :)

Apparently, this week was slim pickings! Damn. I feel like I missed most of the awesome posts out there. Got any you want to share, folks?