I found a ton of photos of basset hounds running, which are guaranteed to make you smile and/or laugh. Best way to start a Friday.

I found an in-browser program to make your own music – it’s so easy and so incredibly addictive. I love this.

I also found a source of white noise that can help drown out audible distractions while working, writing, or just chilling. The oscillate function can make it sound like ocean waves.

I learned how important and awesome it is to wave your freaky flag and be completely you, authentic and vulnerable.

I read a fantastic letter to women in tech apologizing for doin’ it wrong by not being “meek” and “unambitious.” (I have a fondness for sarcasm. I laughed.)

I read the complete guide to not giving a fuck, which is all kinds of no-nonsense and awesome.

I learned why we may judge others and how to accept them and ourselves.

I learned that making mistakes is actually both useful and a sign you’re doin’ it right.

I learned 23 things I might not’ve known about me through this wonderful little (free) ebook. It was happy-making to read.

And your Friday photo is an exceptionally friendly corvid I met in Colorado:

I really want to resume taking pictures of everything around me. Nevada can be quite beautiful, but I haven’t been keeping my camera around to immortalize some of those moments. So, hopefully, you’ll start seeing more photos from this year instead of a few years back. :)