I learned how to find serenity in an industry that doesn’t want you.

I learned how to steal like an artist.

I was reminded that the incubation time between actions is just as important as the actions themselves, like pulling back an arrow before letting it fly.

I read an amazing statement of queerness from a brilliant person who lives it and writes it. SO MUCH LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR THIS.

I looked at awesome illustrations of the year 2010, as imagined in 1910.

I learned that doing work – enacting changes in our lives and selves – may very well be the purpose for human striving. Not being happy or content or pious, but Getting Things Done that improve our realities and experiences.

I read about one woman’s thirty-day experiment into health and realized that telling myself “I only have to do this for a month! That’s all!” is a great way to ease into a new habit.

I learned that I want to go bicycling in New Zealand– er, I mean, that breaking a daunting thing down into little steps, starting where you are (which is Being Daunted), can get you through almost anything.

And your Friday photo is a bit of perspective from Discovery Park, Seattle: