I learned that, even though you can’t please everyone, there will always be someone who loves what you do and how you do it. Everybody gets their Right People.

I learned that each person’s experience can be valid and true for them without being the whole, objective, universal truth.

I read a fucking amazing poem called How To Make Love To A Trans Person and wanted to cry because it’s beautiful and visceral and real.

I read about the process of change: about having a path, going through the fires of the forge, and finding yourself on a different path – and adapting to the new road.

I read an article on finding personal freedom, which I mostly want to share because of the first step: don’t take it personally, which is so damn important. (The other three steps are good too, though!)

I read an Interstitial Arts review of two of my favorite creatrixes, SJ Tucker and Cat Valente. I may have squeed.

I learned twenty ways to overcome doubts and found my favorite to be asking yourself, “What will happen if I doubt this doubt?”

And I learned that there’s room for you all of you in what you do – your life, your passion, your work can include all of your facets, not just the ones that other people say are “right.”

And your Friday photo is actually a Friday artwork!

Inspired by the lyrics of Burning Bright by Shinedown:

the more the light shines through me,
I pretend to close my eyes;
the more the dark consumes me,
I pretend I’m burning,
burning bright

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"The broken will always be able to love harder than most. Once you've been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines." ~Zachry K. Douglas