Word Generators

Drakhainic Word Generator (Requested by LostBlueHeights)
wivobri - dirsayt - zesa - cethahs - bubrayl

Kusanian Word Generator
adahrosu - shokuse - ahhilu - cahcoru - cuki

Masi-Style Word Generator
soroki - wenhu - wusahunwu - minra - rinyin

Random Word Generator
ziunmuaf - avab - gunudu - atayqu - kienaich

Simplified Random Word Generator
byhi - qikep - veri - osociw - newunu

Language Generator

Language Structure Generator
This language is spoken by a few reptiles. It is rough to learn, and problematic to understand. It has a jagged sound to it, and the words are mutating. The words have a lot of consonants and a couple of vowels, are bite-sized, and require a forked tongue to speak. The grammar and sentence structure is akin to French. The written alphabet is drawn and strenuous to decipher. Overall, this language is madness.