Spaceship Generator
The Pirate Patrol Ship is a titanic, shiningly meteor-pocked spaceship. Its cockpit is hung on the underside, the engines are snug in the center of the ship, and its overall shape is clumsily blade-like. Its gorgeous weapons are capable of precision firing and use energy instead of missiles. The ship's engines are remarkable in the fact that they are armored. The hull is electric, and the ship is brand new. It only requires one pilot, one copilot, one gunner, and one navigator, with a dozen more people able to stay comfortably on the ship. The cockpit uses plasma controls which can be operated by any intelligent spacer, whether or not they have opposable thumbs.

Olashi Spaceship Generator
-The Lightning Air- is an Olyrt 802. This merchanter is a highly specialized, modified, and personalized craft. Its hull is brass and the ship itself is reasonably new. Right now, the ship is being used as a fighter.


Medieval Town Name Generator (Requested by Derick.)
Pemford - Doonwick - Tarafort - Westclooney - Nottingford

World Generator
This chill-inducing world is much smaller than Earth and has a gravity far greater than that of Earth. Its atmosphere is a lovely vermilion and contains equal amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. The shining clouds are purple and the vast, crimson sun is smooth. The stars are amethyst. There are two moons, one of which is small and red, and the other is gargantuan and maple brown. They do not support life. This planet has 10 continents and innumerable large islands. The most beloved continents have mostly sparse forests and they're pocked by several ponds and lakes. Aside from those, the terrain on the islands and other continents is most commonly grassy plains. This sparsely-populated world has 4 major rivers, 10 major lakes, dozens of major swamps, and 2 seas and oceans. The most prominent source of water is swamps. The grass and other low-lying flora is beige, various trees are magenta and peach, and leaves turn vibrant pewter in the third season. The damp soil is sky blue, the rocks are purple, and water is primal storm-grey. Life is scarce here.

Solar System Generator
This lush solar system revolves around a collapsed star. There are eight planets, half of which are habitable. The best planet has ten moons. Its location near the ever-changing center of a spiral galaxy, which is surprisingly close to the center of the universe, is unhealthy. This inhabited system, universally known as Pucheoze, has a bad reputation among the civilized peoples of the galaxy.