Avan Name Generator

Korat Name Generator
Nako, Kezed, Afese, Thire, Sheva

Lupos Name Generator

Panthera Name Generator

Pernese Rider and Dragon Name Generator
R'tudu and bronze Telath

Ykindean Human Name Generator

People - Generic Species

Android Generator (Requested by Elvin)
This is a female-built android. She was designed for all purposes. She is of average height and muscular, and has smooth features. She has arrogant, goldenrod eyes and peach skin, with short, wavy, tan and amethyst hair. She wears periwinkle breeches, a pacific blue long-sleeved shirt, and a toffee brown cap. She has a state-of-the-art communications and linguistics computer chip embedded into her head, so that she can understand all languages.

Anime Character Generator
Hiroshin Junnosuke has periwinkle eyes and hip-length, curly, royal purple hair. His favorite food is chocolate and he loves to drink fruit juice. He uses a bazooka and invisibility when fighting. He's 20 years old. He's friends with Motoki Razan and his rival is Ziki Tsuyoshi. There's an arrogant feel about him, and he grew up in the countryside. He wears a cream kilt, a watermelon poncho, and a mother-of-pearl cap.

Elemental Generator (Requested by Lark.)
This is a light elemental that can manipulate sunlight. With the body of a sabertooth cat, it has the mauve eyes of a jaguar, the ears of a fox, the hooves of a unicorn, and the tail of a condor. Its large, well-polished scales are blue-green, goldenrod, and apple red, and it has the red-orange wings of a songbird. Intelligent and wary, it gets in fights with other elementals of its persuasion far too often.

Furry 'Taur Generator
Ayuda is a female 'taur with sparkling, goldenrod eyes and a strong appearance, accentuated by her powerful expression. With a snow leopard's lower body and a cheetah furry's upper torso, as well as white feathered wings, she wears her equine-styled, curly indian red hair short with bangs and she has sleek, black-tipped bronze fur. She abhors wearing clothing, and when she does, she wears a gray shawl. Perceptive and intelligent, she is agile, strong, and stubborn.

Gryphon Generator (Requested by Wendy.)
Tiru is a fledgling female gryphon. She has a jaguar body and the head of an owl with a feathered avian tail. Her fur is velvet grey and her feathers are mahogany. She has a substantial crest. Her eyes are round, amused forest green. She tends to be enduring and amiable. She is intrigued by pain. Her talent is summoning lightning.

Fictional Human Generator
Turo is a young boy in his teens. Average in height and stocky, he is incredibly fast, toned, and not very enduring. Impassive in appearance, he has arrogant, midnight blue-rimmed forest green eyes and apricot skin; his long, fluffy hair is chestnut, and he wears it loose. He prefers to wear jungle green trousers and a cream T-shirt. Smart and dangerous, he is reclusive and ready to fight.

Pernese Dragon and Rider Generator
All copyrights go to Anne McCaffrey for the concept of Pern.
N'fir, a male dragonrider, is 28 Turns old. He is small, mobile, and extremely firm. He has tan skin, moody green eyes, and medium-length curly, tumbleweed hair. He enjoys wearing amber clothing, loves wherrymeat, and has a penchant for healing. This rider is caring and sensitive. He Impressed green Arith when he was 17 Turns old and they trust each other beyond all else. His dragon is impudent and artistic, as well as exceptionally loving. The pair loves to fly dangerously and they argue often but never seriously.

People - Ekunyi's Species

Canis Generator
This is a Canis-Warrior female. She has medium-length azure fur with amethyst, silvery violet, and blue green feathered wings, along with a silver blade. Her eyes are cerulean and she can perform a healing spell. She's witty and cunning.

Morolla Generator
This is a male Morolla. He's about five feet at the shoulder, lean-muscled and trim. With black claws, a sterling silver tailblade, long saberfangs, and alert, yellow eyes, he has short blue-black fur with white stripes with a tuft of fur beneath his tailblade and a short sienna mane. He has a cool appearance, brought out by his social expression. Very smart and loyal, he is fleet, powerful, and balanced.

Olde Phia Generator
Ogoyo is a male Phia. He is built like a lynx with razor-sharp, mother-of-pearl claws, sly mint green eyes, and red-orange whiskers. His crescent-type (curving) tail blade is steel-hued. He has matted fur, which is storm-grey and aquamarine. He has a impressive appearance, emphasized by his strong expression. Very perceptive and emotional, he is fast, powerful, and solid.

Rebel PhiaShip Generator
This PhiaShip is a tiny, evilly glittering spacecraft. The cockpit is hung on the underside, the engines are set at the ship's bow, and its overall shape is appealingly missile-like. Its beloved weapons are capable of shooting down a warship and use incendiary missiles. The ship's deadly engines are remarkable in the fact that they are as big as the ship itself. The hull is shielded, and the ship is old, but well taken-care of. The cockpit uses plasma controls. The Phia that controls this craft is a female, whose name is Elif. Highly intelligent, she is short-tempered and loves a good battle.

Tokathe and PhiaShip Generator
Kirosub is a female Tokathe. She is a black, and as such, she is toned, deft, and stocky, with incomparable strength and astonishing speed. With yellow-green eyes and pewter claws, she wears pine green leggings, a teal short-sleeved shirt, and a gold anklet. This individual is passionate, smart, and aggressive. The Tokathe pilots a PhiaShip. This PhiaShip is a monstrous, balefully respected spaceship. The cockpit is on the tail end, the engines are hung on the underside, and its overall shape is wonderfully blade-like. The ship's respected engines are remarkable in the fact that they can accelerate and brake instantaneously. The hull is protected by a force field, and the ship is old, but well taken-care of. The Phia which controls the ship is a female, whose name is Vugun. She is stable, knowledgeable, and peaceful.

People - Ty's Species

Kat'ni Generator
This is a female kat'ni. She has arrogant, denim blue eyes and vermilion skin, with hip-length, wavy sapphire hair. She is tall, impulsive, and extremely wary. She wears tumbleweed leggings, a white short-sleeved shirt, and a red headband. She's caring and mischievous, as well as pert and skittish.

Kiforn Generator
This, an elder female, is a Ské Kiforn. A small, toned Kiforn at nineteen feet long and twenty inches wide, she is amazingly quick, powerful, and balanced. Her reflective scales are beige with small matte black patches; she has perceptive robin's egg blue eyes and deadly, bull-like pewter horns. She has a family and dwells on vast plains. Intelligent and balanced, she is just, majestic, and suave.

Korat Generator
Tan Korat || Black Korat || Red Korat || White Korat || Striped Korat || Hopean/Okhean Korat
Jyra, a mature adult male, is a tan Korat. His fluffy fur is gold, and his proud eyes are chocolate. His sharp claws are storm-grey, and his petite blade is sterling silver. Intelligent and demure, this Korat is gifted at stealth. He is somewhat enduring, speedy, and weak. He has a mate and hunts on the continent of Penyns. Identifying marks include jagged claws. Sonic, he is amiable, stunning, and is a pacifist. He has great potential in the field of energy-use.

Masi Generator
Yinawun is a female Masi with intelligent, blizzard blue eyes and a pleased appearance, brought out by her happy expression. Worn were-styled in a mohawk, she has a wavy matte black mane; her wavy fur is white, toffee brown, and ebony. Her coloration is brought out by her silvery claws, long ruddy whiskers, black eartufts, a pink nose, and a black tailtip. She enjoys wearing clothing, and when she does, she wears loose ruby pantaloons and an azure shawl. Keen and quiet, she is amazingly quick, vigorous, and unshakable. She is a weapons collector, but her favorite is a flail. She's a frequent visitor on Jhey.

Nila Generator
Sukesi is a mahogany Nila male with asparagus eyes. He is of average height, lean, and appears swift. He prefers to wear chocolate brown breeches. He enjoys fighting, detests Olashi, and scorns technology. He dwells on vast plains with his mate and children. He is knowledgeable, unrelenting, and dashing.

Olashi Generator
Luri Ozechi is a huge Olashi male with wavy beige fur and soft bittersweet feathers. He has alert goldenrod eyes, sterling silver claws, and a feathered leonine tail. He likes to wear rings and burnt sienna clothing. He's an excellent mechanic with his own custom ship.

Qyne Generator
Bolae is a young woman in her twenties. Somewhat short and chubby, she is sudden, reasonably strong, and fairly enduring. Pessimistic in appearance, she has moody, yellow-orange-flecked dandelion eyes and somewhat dull white claws; her thick fur is brown with storm-grey mottling. Her hip-length, straight hair is storm-grey, and she wears it in a high ponytail. This shy Qyne prefers to wear mocha shorts, a gold long-sleeved shirt, and a mother-of-pearl hat with a yellow plume. Intelligent and short-tempered, she loves nature.

Qyne and Niyia Generator
Rojau is a young man in his twenties. Short and muscular, he is brisk, tough, and very lasting. Gleeful in appearance, he has confident yellow-green eyes and dangerous storm-grey claws; his shiny fur is mahogany with burnished gold ticking. His long, straight hair is dyed jungle green, and he wears it braided. This extroverted Qyne prefers to wear mother-of-pearl cut-offs and a sky blue short-sleeved shirt. Bright and forceful, he is a serovi breeder. At the age of seventeen, he Bonded a male Niyia, who is smaller than average at thirteen feet at the shoulder and well-built. With keen blackened silver eyes and blue-black claws, this perceptive Niyia has sleek russet fur and a curly antique gold mane and tailtuft. Immature, he is incredibly fast, tough, and very enduring. The pair are devoted to one another, and they argue often but never seriously.

Tarok Generator
Oreyu is a male Tarok. He's a towering, huge red with gorgeous garnet fur and hostile coffee brown eyes. With longclaws on both hands, heavy ebony claws, and a dangerous pewter tailblade, this Tarok is very lasting, fleet, and thick. Alert and dangerous, he wears apple green pantaloons, a red-orange long-sleeved shirt, a burgundy jacket, and a cerulean hat. Tough, he is volatile, majestic, and is ruthless in a fight. He fights best with his rifle, throwing knives, and handheld lasergun. He's a pilot with a custom vehicle. This machine, registered as -War's Revenge-, is a small, carefully advanced vehicle. Its cockpit is on the tail end and its overall shape is dangerously round. Its ragged weapons are capable of keeping the ship alive in a dogfight and lay mines and electrical nets. The hull is pocked with meteors and other space debris, and the machine has toggles and switches.

Tuaha Generator
Swinger is a male Tuaha. An occupant of the forests, his fur is glossy sky blue with a full-body pattern of midnight blue patches. His eyes are tangerine, and his claws are antique gold. He has three tail blades on the upperside of the tailtip. Rather short and thin, he has a cool appearance, brought out by his content expression. Swift-thinking and caring, he is agile, powerful, and firm. He disregards fighting, and has no talent at it. He lives with his clan.

Welphie Generator
Shoichechuu is a mature adult female Welphie. A wanderer of the tropical jungle, her glossy fur is rust-red with wood-brown hands and paws; she has coffee brown eyes and bronze claws. Tall and lithe, she is intelligent and saucy, as well as unusually slow, rugged, and without much endurance. Sly, she is protective, impressive, and has birthed five pups with her loving mate.