Alien Soup Generator
Good day! Today, the special is a gurgling pot containing cool morsels of poultry and brussel sprout in gore. The soup comes with a side of cheese and a chalice of cream. Don't worry, only *one* person has died from eating this!

Deity Generator
Chocao is the wise woman, the witch, the matriarch. She is the goddess of death, magic, and the spirit realm. She is the goddess of wisdom, visions, and guidance. Hers is the height of spiritual power, for she is the great sorceress who creates her will through magic. Goddess of transformation, she is the destroyer who dissolves outmoded forms, allowing new growth to occur. She is the Crone. Her totem is a Turkey Vulture, and she is never portrayed without one. She has a couple of followers. Her day is Wednesday, her season is Winter, and her color is black.

Relationship Generator
Person A is a female and Person B is a female. Person A is clever, loving, and genial; and Person B is very smart, sensitive, and friendly. Person A is relaxed with Person B, and Person B values Person A. They've known each other for several years, and other people consider them a match made in heaven. In the relationship, Person A and Person B seemingly take turns being the dominant one. These two are destined to have a long, happy life with one another.

Religion Generator
This is a polytheistic religion. Its several followers worship many deities as all-powerful, with no deity ranking higher than another. They make sacrifices to their gods and goddesses monthly and are devotees of them. Their pantheon is represented by the heavens.


Animal Coin Generator (Requested by Ekunyi for an old RPG.)
Well done, my friend. I give you this Coin, an Osprey Coin mind you, in return for this Task being completed.

Atihresi Tahori (Cat Shifter) Generator
Ozohsune is a male Cat Shifter from the Purepaw pack and of the Jaguarundi race. As such, he has indian red fur, dull grey claws, and alert dark grey eyes when in middle and cat forms. As a human, he has knotted, banged grey hair with aquamarine eyes, reddish skin, and a ringed tail. This Cat is long-bodied and an adult. His typical outfit consists of wisteria leggings and a storm-grey top. He prefers to fight in middle form and is most commonly in human form. He fights best with energy attacks, throwing stars, and a hybrid sword. He's swift-thinking and helpful, as well as lithe and graceless.

Cadorian (Anime-Style) Demon Generator
Yunwahi is a female volcano demon. Her demon form is a powerful humanoid wrapped in flames; she has glowing red eyes, scarlet skin, and straight, goldenrod hair. In her human form, she has alert, aquamarine eyes and golden skin, with short, straight, sterling silver hair. She is well-built, sophisticated, and extremely witty. She wears black khaki shorts, a nightblack long-sleeved shirt, and a goldenrod cloak. She's brave and short-tempered, as well as supple and sly.

Hajrar Generator
Ctch is a male Hajrar. Lithe and canny, he is brisk, powerful, and durable. He has long, emerald fur, jagged, jade green claws, and glowing flame-orange eyes. He has a social appearance, defined by his friendly expression. With elongated, nimble paws with rough pads for better traction, enormous, powerful pinions, and a long-limbed, strong build, this male is a good spy.

Inlanlu Tahori (Wolf Shifter) Generator
Riji is a male Wolf Shifter of the Stormcrystal pack. He is powerfully-built and a young adult. In human form, he has intelligent, sky blue eyes and cream skin, with medium-length straight, carmine hair. In middle and wolf forms, he has brown-orange markings and mocha fur. His typical outfit consists of baggy tumbleweed pants and a salmon sweatshirt. He prefers to fight in middle form and is most commonly in middle form. He loves to use a stiletto and a pair of scimitars. He's wary and cruel, as well as brisk and tough.

K'anta Generator
Aseti is a female K'anta of the Pachy breed. She is a mature adult and sturdy. With arrogant lemon eyes, pearl claws, and scaled vermilion-tainted russet skin, she wears a fuschia garment. She worships her Raw form and Changes occasionally. She is great in martial arts and loves fighting. Cultured and proud, she is nothing if not gorgeous and alert.