• Seventh Sanctum - The Original, run by Steven Savage.
  • Tailsdafox - Similarly inspired by Seventh Sanctum, this has quite a few gems.
  • Dropping-The-Fork - Some very detailed, very specific generators largely revolving around online communities and the creator's own special projects.
  • EPOSIC - Tons of pen-and-paper RPG tools and gens.
  • Language Machines - A load of generators for words and names of specific styles and genres.
  • Majin Gajita's - Plenty of DBZ, anime and combat gens.
  • Namator - Generates a lot of names for people-characters, but you can't specify the genre/type.
  • Nine.Frenchboys - These guys have almost as many and as diverse generators as Seventh Sanctum.
  • Squid.Org - A lot of traditional-RPG generators.
  • Springhole - A handful of mostly RPG- and writing-oriented gens.
  • Swami's Generators - A ton of mixed generators.
  • The Forge - Shiny name generators of a different breed.
  • Generator Blog - As it says; a blog about generators.
  • Name Pistol - Mr. P's generators, featuring mostly cultural name generators, like band names.

Want Yours Added?

If you have a generators site and want it linked here, contact me! If your site is functional and about generators, I'll gladly add the link to the list.