Day 2 is my first love.

I suspect the meme creator means romantic love here, not the first time I felt overwhelming joyous love for life or the woods or my dog or my parents. Alright, I’ll play along.

My first love was a close friend for a long time. She and I were inseparable, knew each other inside and out, and shared more obscure interests and hobbies than anyone else. In a way, we grew up together, at least in the sense of becoming who we were.

We also lived in different states, and didn’t see each other in person until a year or so after we met.

Some three years after we met, I realized I had fallen for her. The geographical distance proved too difficult for two teenagers, and our attempt at a relationship dwindled back into steady, unwavering friendship.

We dated other people, always coming back to each other, always subconsciously seeking that time when both of us would be alone and, perhaps, able to move and be closer. For seven years, we danced around with others, still magnetized to each other.

Eventually, though, she found a long-term partner, a good person whom I later met and approved. And, after I finally allowed myself to release the dream of being with her, I met and fell in love with J, my partner, who blew my mind in all the best ways with the person he was and how happy he and I were together.

She and I are still very close, and we are happy with our partners, and… somehow, everything worked out just fine.