Day 4 is what I ate today.

This question, compared to the past three, is a little boring. Oh well. I’m also cheating, since today isn’t over, so I’m giving you a different day’s eatinz.

Breakfast was a homemade smoothie-shake: one banana, two scoops of Secure meal replacement chocolate powder, one scoop of Primary Greens, and 1% milk. It’s tasty and incredibly healthy, and it makes taking a multivitamin a lot easier. (I can’t swallow it with just water without hurking.)

Lunch was two chocolate-peppermint Luna bars (I dislike that they’re marketed at women, but they taste so damn good) spaced out over a few hours, then a little bag of Welch’s fruit snacks, courtesy my coworker.

Dinner at home was boiled crab legs and a couple flaky biscuits. Plus a glass of chaimilk (1/3 caffeine-free chai, 2/3 milk).

It was all very tasty.