Day 30 is one last moment.

(Wow, that means I’ve actually written thirty posts almost every day in succession. Woohoo! My bloggy experiment is a success.)

J and I went to a Celtic session yesterday in a place called Squaw Valley, a touristy little ski resort area around Lake Tahoe. The sun was setting on the long drive home, and the tiny sliver of waxing moon hung long over the treetops. While J talked to his kids on the phone, I mused to myself how the moon had very little sunlight to share… then realized, no, that’s not it.

The moon always has half sunlight and half darkness; it just has differing amounts of light to share with the rest of the world, depending on the day. It made me think of the spoon theory and how folks’ spoons vary by day – sometimes everything gets done, and other times, it’s a Herculean feat just to get out of bed and get dressed.

And it wound up being put to music in my head:

We are like the moon:
equal parts shadow and light.
The only difference lies in
how we face the world each day.

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