I got a four-day weeeekennnnd~ *dance* Happy Turkey Day to those who celebrate!



I aimed to hit 50k on my NaNoWriMo novel before the weekend ended, and by golly, I did! :D :D :D

This is my tenth NaNo, my ninth win, and the ONLY time I have ever been ahead of the daily wordcount quota every single day! I have set a new standard for myself!

I also rewrote my NaNo profile to have some substance and got all silly-proud of the list of novel projects from 2003 on. :D


I maaay have taken advantage of the Black Friday crazysales to order some beads. *ahem*

Nothing actually put into form yet (or onto paper/canvas) this week, but I’ve got four mini-paintings upcoming for four Egyptian gods! Have I mentioned that painting detailed hieroglyphs with a toothpick onto a 2×2″ canvas can be a little… nerve-wracking?

I also took the time to update our Mythic Curios archive with photos of past paintings and jewelry!


As has been the pattern this month, while I’m writing a humans-only novel, I keep getting flashes of non-human worldbuilding ideas in my head. They come and go in the span of five minutes, zipping in throughout the day. Should probably start writing those down…


I did a word study post over at my Uhjayi microsite! Etymology is fun, kids – especially for conlangs. :D


My partner and I acquired a used Martin backpacker. It is pretty sweet! Kinda like a hybrid of a guitar and a banjo-mandolin-bazouki-somethinglikethat.


  • Just because I hit 50k on The Last Devil doesn’t mean the story arc’s done. I’ll still be writing that, with a goal to wrap up the rough draft well before J and I go visit family for Christmas!
  • GaraaageBaaand.
  • The aforementioned four Egyptian mini-paintings!
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