Working heaaavy overtime Thurs/Fri sort of shot my energy levels in the waduh (that was a terrible Indonesian pun, forgive!), but I still did things! This post proves it!



Weeeell, I have not written much at all (just a chapter) since last Monday. HOWEVER, this week is a three-day week with a four-day weekend, and since I won’t have family guesting at my house for Turkey Day, I will have a TON of time to write.

Although I did squeeze out a few random shorts to satisfy the majority of my muse that really, really misses writing non-humans.


I crafted a bracelet! No bead is repeated, and I even cross-matched the silver/gold metal on the magnetic clasps and the jump rings. I am… super-happy with this, honestly. =3


I believe my Everything To Lose universe is getting a touch bigger. Not only do we have a human and enman accidental co-colony on a world that fell out of the network of both spacefaring species, we have humans and the xin in the past… and now, perhaps, these entensha and humans in “modern times” (i.e. the same era as Everything To Lose) or even a bit in the future.

Entensha are highly-evolved quadrupeds, and there is some world they share with humans, in peace, cohabitating… but they don’t converse. Neither species knows the other’s language. Human scientists and doctors don’t know much about entensha technology and physiology and, hell, even psychology… and vice versa.

The trick to making this setting successful and believable will be finding a reason for the mutual peace and silence that isn’t sinister or false. And I’ve got some ideas…


Oh my. Ohhh myyy. I discovered GarageBand; my work comp is a Macbook Pro, and I take it home on the weekends. I made a few song snips, one with lyrics!, and then set out to do something a little fuller.

This is the result. (Click to listen, right-click to download.)

…I think I quite like GarageBand. =3


  • More NaNoWriMo! I have a lofty goal of hitting 50k before next Monday.
  • Definitely, definitely more GarageBand and other musical exploits in the name of Hometaping!