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We interrupt your regularly-scheduled blog posts for a SHINY GLITTERY BLUE THING! With some smaller teal and other-shades-of-blue shiny glittery things in the background!

My long-time Twitter bud Clifton Hill awarded me this “most prestigious of accolades” for being full of awesome. Or, um, something like that. I now have the sacred duty to pass it along to four, count ‘em, FOUR, other wonderful and talented writerfolk.

In no particular order…

  • J. Koyanagi (@jkoyanagi) is one of the most brilliant wordsmiths I’ve ever had the honor of meeting and befriending. Her worlds are immersive down to the detail and her story-telling impeccable.
  • Lyn Thorne-Alder (@lynthornealder) is quite prolific and has been writing books upon books of Addergoole (see link) since well before I knew her. Witty and creative, her YA fiction is anything but typical.
  • Josh Hlibichuk (@qrevolution) is a master of steampunk fiction. I had the pleasure of reading his rough draft, and I can’t wait to see it polished and published!
  • Jason Letts (@foreverjuly) is an up-and-coming YA author of the series Powerless. Very enthusiastic and talented guy, and I love the concept at the heart of his books.
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  • Python regius by IsisMasshiro I love the idea of snake or crocodile inspired dragons- most dragons are instead a combination of bird and lizard like features
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