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Day 28 is something that I miss.

Well, it says something and not someone or somewhere, which makes it very hard, because what I miss are people and places.

I miss my sister, and my parents, and the people that I lost, and my sensei in Colorado, and my friends everywhere.

I miss my apartment in Colorado, and West Virginia, and the ocean, and the restaurants that became regular haunts in Colorado (oh, Tuk Tuk Thai).

The only thing I miss is my temporarily-deceased terabyte harddrive, which has all of my music (over 100 gigs). Re-ripping that many CDs is a huge pain, and a lot of that was digital purchase, most of which cannot be re-downloaded without paying for it again. J’s iPod has most of that music, and I’ve re-loaded a lot of it onto the surviving 500G drive, but I still miss having the entire collection available in one place. Same with the movies and series we had, as well.

Still, it feels like music is an experience to fondly remember, not an object to miss.

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