Day 29 is my aspirations.

Now, an aspiration can be a desire or a goal, so I’ll choose two things where the definitions overlap:

I’ve talked a lot about making music in the past few weeks, so I’ll try not to further inundate you, but that is most definitely an aspiration. I don’t know where my efforts will take me – to recording MP3s at home, to local open mic nights, or to a simple mastery of and happiness in crafting music for my own enjoyment. The end result doesn’t matter right now – the journey, and the experience, do.

I’ve talked a bit about martial arts, but little in detail. I study Bujinkan ninjutsu with my partner, who is shodan (a first-degree blackbelt). My intention in ninjutsu is to also achieve shodan – not the belt itself, nor the certificate, nor the formal acknowledgement, but the physical and mental mastery. I want to know, kinetically and consciously, every technique; I want all the terminology and names memorized and comprehended; I want to be able to put together a response to every question and every move that works. I want to know my art so well that I can stop thinking about it and simply move, secure in the competency of my body and my muscle memory. I want to reach that ledge where I have learned enough that I can truly begin to train: shodan is only the beginning.

And, in time, with much more experience, I think I might like to help train others. My sensei in Colorado changed everything for me, and I would like the opportunity to be that transformative for those who seek it out.

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