Day 9 is my beliefs.

This one gets to start with a disclaimer: These are my beliefs and how I view things; they’re right for me, which is why they’re mine, but they don’t necessarily apply to or work for anyone but me. We cool? Good.

I was raised loosely Christian, the child of a Baptist and Roman Catholic, but only went to church on occasion with my Catholic grandmother. When my close-mindedness led me to treat someone poorly for their choice of spirituality, the resulting challenge drew me to educate myself more objectively on other paths.

After over three years of study, I no longer considered myself Christian. And now, some seven years after that evolution, I have no label that is accurate. I call myself a pagan because it’s the closest fit, but I am so eclectic that even such a broad, vague term as that is barely applicable.

The natural sciences and quantum physics are the core of my beliefs, and studying them evokes all the fascination and love and delight I find in the world and creatures and people around me. I respect life and do my best to impact it as little as possible.

Martial arts has led me to study Taoism and zen, and my physical training has been complemented by my study of breath-work, energy/chi, meditation, and the elements.

I use personal gnosis and customized symbolism in most things I do: color, element, archetype, mythology (often legends and godheads taken from my own worldbuilding and fiction). Since I consider reality to be relative, I adapt everything I do and learn to suit my paradigm and self. I imbue things with meaning that have subjective significance; to me, spirituality is intensely personal and unique.

I believe that there is a spark of divinity, a life-force, that animates and resides in all things. I often use the term Universal Soul to express this concept. I view everything as facets of one infinite whole, distinct and unique but not disconnected. I am somewhat agnostic towards the concept of individual deities.

I made my own divination system and tools. I believe that trust and intent play a large part in the accuracy and validity of information I receive, through cards or coins or anything else. I believe I can learn from anything and find messages/wisdoms wherever I look, even in seemingly trivial or artificial things.

I believe everything happens for a reason and that the purpose of life is to live it: to experience and to evolve.

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