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Black Cat, Red God

A gift for my sister, Saryt, of her Parents, Set and Bast.

a prayer to Bast (my very first)

long form

Hail Bast, Lady of the East,
Invisible Paw, Giving All Life.

May I hold infinite patience within my head
and endless compassion within my heart
as I live alongside Your children,
who are not the least of what is Yours,
though they are the smallest.

May I slow down.
May I remember to breathe.
May I treasure each moment,
each touch of fur,
each eager purr,
each sleeping face.

May I always know that it is I
who must hold the space
and provide the structure
that allows them to thrive.
May I always act mindfully
and with gentleness.

May I remember my heart-held duty
as caretaker, as caregiver,
to these who are part of my family,
and may I treat them with the same grace and love
with which You treat Your children,
human and feline alike.

short form

May I love my cats as Bast loves Her children.
May I care for my cats as Bast cares for Her children.