Grave Moss & Stars

a prayer for execution

According to the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, today, II Shomu 7, is the Day of the Executioners of Sekhmet. This holiday could be interpreted in a few ways, including a day to pacify Sekhmet and Her executioners (or plagues or vengeful netjeri (spirits)) or a day to honor Sekhmet’s physicians in their roles of executioners of illnesses and hurts. This prayer is to and for both.

. . .

Hail to you, Executioners!
Blades in hand, you sweep the earth
and cut into, cut apart, cut away.

Turn your faces towards isfet
and there direct your precision
and your sharpening hunger.

Devour that which harms,
excise that which uncreates,
and establish ma’at with your hands.

Sekhmet favors me,
so spare my healthy flesh
and attack only the shadows of sickness.

I praise your names
as you strike to bring balance
and unbloody Ma’at’s white feather.

Your knives separate hale from fel
and etch a line between strength and weakness
so we know where we must work hardest.

Today is your day, Executioners,
and I take up the knife with you
to expel isfet and preserve ma’at.

Dua Sekhmet, Who Wards Off All Evils!