These character sheets are brief summaries of each person’s appearance, personality, and key facts – like species and gender. They are arranged alphabetically by first name (since most people only have a first name), not chronologically. New characters will be added as they are introduced in new chapters; this is not a complete cast-list quite yet. Please do not read the biography of a character whom you’ve not read about in the novel itself – THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE if you are not up-to-date on the story. Hovering over the quick link to any one person’s biography will give you a one-sentence summary, including race and gender.

Ana | Aria | Challna | Critter | Dize | Equitor | Fire Eater | James Konan (Kemohi) | Lype Ibizi | Mackalla Ammh | Randie McAllanen | Sarge, Samson, & Co. | Shane Myers | Tahos | The Ajoitéi Prince | Za-shen-sai

Gender & Age – Female; appears to be a full adult (in the prime of her life), but is far older.
Appearance – About four and a half feet high at the shoulder, this glossily-furred black Korat is a gorgeous example of her species. The only thing to mar her ebony pelt is a tiny, star-shaped scar in the center of her forehead. Her eyes are vivid, faintly luminous sapphire, her claws are matte black, and her tailblade is whitely silver.
Personality – Strong-willed and highly intelligent, Ana knows several tongues, English included. Ana is one of three Korat Originals, the second one, and is widely known as the “warrior-mother” for her ability to combine fierce protectiveness and impressive physical abilities with caring and affection. Despite her considerable reputation, there always seems to be more that we just don’t know about this black.

SpeciesNight Cat
Gender & Age – Female; young adult.
Appearance – A sleek, glossy pelt of midnight blue ripples over the 3-foot-high frame of this Cat, speckled liberally with tiny silvery flecks like stars in the night sky. Almond-shaped pale grey eyes glitter with intelligence, but overall, Aria is nothing special in appearance.
Personality – Witty and good-natured, Aria is very much the Night Cat — friendly, essentially peaceful, playful, and intelligent. She’s quite a good fighter, despite her young age, and is very protective over her younger Shugaray companion, Radiaf, whom she’s raised for a year now.

Gender & Age – Female; mature adult.
Appearance – Challna stands at three feet high with smooth, pebbled hide of a watery teal color. Her eyes are vivid gold and her claws are a dark blue-green. Average in size and lean build, Challna nevertheless is an exceptional Icza in more ways than one.
Personality – Having left her home at a young age and traveling, eventually joining up with Dize to go around the world with a small group of others, Challna has a sharp, fiery spirit. Hot-headed and with a taste for revenge, in battle she simply cannot be beat – despite her size, liquid steel muscles and incredible speed and agility combine to make her a most formidable opponent. Highly intelligent and very perceptive, she’s the more dynamic half of the Tlaemae-Icza duo. She has a talent for taking one look at her surroundings and memorizing it, even to the point of closing her eyes and blasting through trees at full speed without missing a step.

NameCritter (a nickname; we don’t know his real name)
Species – morph-capable Vemeh
Gender & Age – Male; young adult(?).
Appearance – Though his real form has been identified as a Vemeh, Critter is more often seen in his human form. A shiny silver band is wrapped around his middle finger, whether human or beast, and has been recognized as a morphing ring. In human form, he appears to be in his late teens/early twenties, with a shock of black hair and vivid blue eyes. He has pale skin and a tall, lean but muscular build, and dresses in a very medieval style, complete with sword. As a Vemeh, he’s grey-skinned and bulky, apparently average for his kind.
Personality – A silent hunter, Critter has been ordered to deliver Shane into the hands of the Ajoitéi Prince, an unknown personage to both her and Mackalla. As both human and Vemeh, he’s a good fighter, but due perhaps to an arrogance complex, he is constantly surprised at Shane’s and Mackalla’s ingenuity at escaping him.
Note – Critter is only known as ‘Critter’ until Chapter Eight of Book One. Click here for his bio after this chapter.

Gender & Age – Male; mature adult.
Appearance – A sturdy Tlaemae who stands at an even three feet at the shoulder, Dize is slightly more muscular but otherwise average for his species. His claws and tail-point are matte black, his fur is dirt-brown, and his almond-shaped eyes are a creamy amber-gold. Dize has many scars raking across his coarse fur, but he’s still in the prime of his life and usually makes good use of his insane speed and agility.
Personality – Even-tempered, curious, and a natural leader, Dize co-led (with his soulfriend Challna) the first non-Olashi group to circumnavigate Lavana, thus proving his own prowess at surviving in almost every habitat imaginable. Dize, despite his life being half-over age-wise, is still going strong among the elite of Lavana, being a member of the Madreni as he is. With his naturally-camoflauged fur, stealth, and speed, he’s a top-notch spy.

Species – unknown
Gender & Age – Presumed male; unknown age.
Appearance – Twenty-five feet tall, Equitor has leathery, shadow-black hide and glowing red eyes. His spine is angled at 45º and his body is almost like a mix between a human and a dinosaur. His forearms are long and powerful, ending in three fingers and a long thumb, all clawed. His hind legs are very dinosaurian, ending in massive three-toed talons. He has a long, powerful tail, and a rather rounded head with an eagle’s beak and two bull-like horns. Matte black blades jut out around his joints, along his limbs, spine, neck, and ring his tail several times. His tail ends in one massive curving blade which is about five feet long. Physically, he’s incredibly fast, agile, and amazingly strong. He doesn’t appear to have any weaknesses.
Personality – Equitor is cunning, sly, and cruel, loving nothing more than torturing creatures for his own amusement. He commands by respect and by fear, his minions loyal unto their own deaths… for if they die serving him, it’s much less painless than if he kills them himself. He’s probably the most powerful enemy, or at least in the top three with the Ajoitéi Prince and one other hidden presence. His ‘talents’ include searching one’s mind (and incidently employing some mind-torture methods), wielding raw energy, and bending others to his will. He leads the largest force against Lavana, having allied with the Prince’s only-slightly-smaller armies.

NameFire Eater
SpeciesBlood Cat
Gender & Age – Male; full adult.
Appearance – Rather small for his species at twelve feet at the shoulder, Fire is nonetheless a very powerful cat. His fur is a blazing red-orange, streaked with blackened-red stripes, and he has golden eyes. He’s unusually agile due to his ‘small’ size but has lost no power despite his lean build.
Personality – Highly intelligent but sometimes more primal in thought than his peers like, Fire is an exceptional warrior and often is the most well-known Blood Cat around. He’s loyal and respectful to those who deserve it and, when around good friends, he’s a good-natured and humorous fellow.

NameJames Konan (Kemohi)
Species – Human
Gender & Age – Male; appears to be around 19-20.
Appearance – Tall, lean, and strong, James has pale skin and slightly shaggy, mussed black hair. Dark blue eyes hold indiscernable emotions for the most part, and he rarely smiles. He wears mud-brown, Nila-style clothing – a thin undershirt, a heavier tunic, a belt, and trousers. Like Nila, he goes barefoot and has about ten knives strapped to his person on a good day, plus his beloved sword. His left hand is missing, though his wrist has healed into a smooth stump, and he’s often awkward about it.
Personality – After failing to capture Shane and deliver her to the Ajoitéi Prince, he is beaten and forced to shift to his human form. Once there, his left hand (with his morphing ring) was cut off and the stump healed cleanly. Due to this, James is more than a little bitter towards fate in general and hates the Prince (and Equitor) with a passion. Now thrown onto the ‘good side’, his in-depth knowledge of the Evils’ bases and workings is used to help destroy them. He’s also taught Shane all she knows about using her morphing ring, fighting when shifted, and swordplay as a human. When they return to Earth, he becomes her “martial arts instructor” to continue teaching her how to defend herself.
Note – This is ‘Critter’ after Chapter Eight of Book One. To see Critter’s bio, click here.

NameLype Ibizi
Gender & Age – Male; young adult.
Appearance – White-furred and -feathered, Lype is a tall, unusually powerful Olashi who matches most Nila in strength and height. He wears white breeches and he has a belt slung low around his hips, usually holding a well-made dirk and a smaller pouch of dried healer flakes or other healing herbs. A longbow and a quiver full of arrows are strapped to his back, protected by his folded wings. Unlike most Olashi, he does have a mane, which barely reaches to his shoulders with silvery highlights and a slight wave to it. In stark contrast to his white fur, feathers, and clothing, his eyes are a warm, startlingly vivid orange-copper color.
Personality – Arrogant, Lype is an exceedingly talented Olashi in all areas, from archery and woodsmanship all the way to languages and ecology. He’s one of the Olashi Earth-spies. He hates no one but he can take offense quite easily; although he will restrain himself when necessary, his battle-lust is unusually strong for one of his race.

NameMackalla Ammh
SpeciesNon-Maned Heifia
Gender & Age – Male; young adult.
Appearance – About three feet at the shoulder, this tawny canine could be taken for a Great Dane mix… if one didn’t look too closely. Mackalla is long-legged and muscular, with a powerful and sharp-fanged muzzle and dark brown eyes.
Personality – Mackalla was sent to Earth to keep an eye on a strange human who somehow knew a whole lot about his home planet, Lavana. Witty and solid in mind and body, he automatically defends Shane after he finds out that she’s the one who helps him escape the military. He’s more intelligent than he looks and very much the warrior inside. He grows very fond of Shane, but often is confused or frustrated by the young human.

NameRandie McAllanen
Species – Human
Gender & Age – Female; 17 years old when introduced in Book One, Chapter Ten. (Same year as Shane.)
Appearance – Standing at 5’7″, Randie is skinny and leanly-muscular with fair skin, fluffy red-brown hair, and unusual bright green eyes. She doesn’t look very strong, but due to having swimming, lacrosse, and fencing as her hobbies, she’s very agile and wiry in strength. She dresses attractively but isn’t quite to a “popular girl” level.
Personality – Keen-witted and insanely creative, Randie and Shane share a love of inventing strange worlds, species, and plants– of course, with Shane’s worlds turning out to be real, who knows if Randie’s won’t as well? Moving past that, she’s very intelligent and brave; once Shane shares her adventures with her best friend, Randie is absolutely dying to see them herself. Randie and Shane hold no secrets… so Randie knows the truth about everything, Mackalla and James included.

NameSarge, Samson, & Co.
Species – Humans
Gender & Age – All males; Sarge is in his mid-forties, Samson in his mid-twenties, and the others seem to be in their early to late thirties.
Appearance – Sarge is the guy in charge, seconded by “Cap”, with three privates under his command. Sarge is a well-built but otherwise average guy with dull brown hair; Cap is a more slender blonde; Troop A has black hair and a stocky build; Troop B shaved his head and looks like a heavyweight wrestler; Troop C (Samson) has sandy brown hair and an average build.
Personality – Sarge has an authority complex and doesn’t appear to be very mentally stable, nor does he seem to have many reservations regarding shooting down a minor. Cap is a slick talker, but he too seems ruthless in pursuit of the “dangerous beast” (that would be Mackalla). Troops A and B are just… there… and obedient… Samson seems to have something of a conscience, perhaps because he’s closest to Shane’s age and sees her predicament through sympathizing eyes.

NameShane Myers
Species – Human
Gender & Age – Female; 17 years old (junior in high school) when introduced in Book One, Chapter One.
Appearance – Standing tall at 5’10″, Shane is an avid martial artist and therefore muscular, though slightly overweight. Her complexion is naturally tan, she wears contacts with blue-grey eyes, and her hair is mid-shoulder-length, curly red-brown. She tends to wear baggy T-shirts or sweaters, along with baggy jeans and tennis shoes. Many mistake her for a normal geek or throw-back hippie.
Personality – Though she loves her computer and her tae kwon do classes, Shane is more often found sketching or writing stories about “her creatures,” most of which reside on Lavana. She had no idea that her imagination was completely accurate in describing such animals that actually existed elsewhere. Loyal and intelligent, Shane is forced to be brave as she’s thrown into a whirl of events that may end in not only her own death, but the destruction of all she knows. Shane’s best friend is Randie, to whom she tells everything about Lavana after she gets home.

Gender & Age – Male; adult.
Appearance – Tall and muscular, Tahos has a medium-grey pelt and paw-like feet. He retained his adolescent mane; wavy tendrils of black fall midway down his shoulder blades, occasionally pulled back with a leather cord. He has intense gold eyes and tends to wear trousers with dark, smudged earth-tones. He’s also rarely found without his belt and a few knives. (Nila-style knives look like miniature spears, or short-and-thick arrows.)
Personality – Strong and enduring, a typical Nila for the most part. Tahos is caring and gentle, but can also be impassive and unemotional, often through misunderstandings between species. He’s very intelligent and often reaches out to those in need, though if he’s pushed away he will leave. However, he sees it as his duty to uphold his race’s code of honor and will never back away from a fight unless staying to battle is suicide.

NameThe Ajoitéi Prince
Gender & Age – Male; unknown age.
Appearance – A melanistic Ajoitéi, the Prince stands at a towering 17 feet high with a shiny ebony hide tougher than armor. His two eyes are a dark, faintly luminous maroon and his pincers are always painted blood-red… probably from actual blood. Too important to fight in meager battles anymore, his black body is decorated with blood-drawn hieroglyphs depicting past victories (or so we assume… for all we know he paints his menu on himself).
Personality – Apparently older and more experienced than Equitor at this point, he has his entire well-populated species under his control. They practically worship him… despite the things he uses them for (such as… lunch). His tastes in torture go far into the obscene and the lewd end of the scale. Equitor himself said of the Prince, “…his fancies possibly exceed mine in cruelty.” The Prince is tenuously allied with Equitor.

Gender & Age – Male; adult.
Appearance – A huge male at twenty-five feet at the shoulder, Za has soft, shaggy velvet-grey fur, huge black claws, and a four-foot silver tailblade. His eyes are a very deep, intense golden color.
Personality – Though he doesn’t know Kalash and thus is cut off from normal communication much of the time, Za is a very gentle and caring person. He’s very much the “good Samaritan” and will help out against enemies whenever he is called upon, though he’s not one to go out looking for trouble. He has his own territory, considers it home, and guards it against all trespassers. To those creatures who simply cannot harm him, he tends to either shoo them away or take them under his wing, so to speak, so naturally he’s developed a liking for humans. He also is very observant of his race’s culture, singing included. His bravery cost him his life when he stood defiantly against Equitor in an attempt to protect Shane.

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