Last Friday, I did not post because I had but three links to give! So you get two weeks’ worth of shiny things. Enjoy!

I learned that there is a giant water bug that eats turtles. Holy crap.

I saw fabulous photos of outfits from genderfunky weddings. :D

I learned how to spread warm fuzzies and not let a good memory just be a memory. Pay it forward!

I learned what “Twitter” and “tweet” would be in Latin. Yes, seriously.

I learned why heroism makes a pretty kickass religion.

I read writing tips from 22 authors.

I saw the first photos of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes in Brazil. Wow.

I learned that great white sharks love AC/DC.

I sent my name to Mars with the next rover – and you can too! AWESOME. (It closes June 13th, so don’t dawdle!)

I read about four things you can do in the morning to totally rock your day.

I found a thing that replaces Peanut’s dialogue with random tweets. This is surprisingly funny.

I read a lot of one-liners that interrupt negative thinking.

I found out what one person means when they say “queer”.

And I read about what “bitch” really means and how to take back the word. I hate that word, but I like this post.

Your Friday photo is totally a cheat, since I haven’t processed any of the photos from the camping trip yet. It is a flower that finally came back to our yard, which delights me to no end, because it turns into this GIANT PUFFBALL that’s bigger than my fist!