Grave Moss & Stars

blessings of the moment

The sky turned slate-cloudy, and the world’s breath blew colder as the sun sidled out of sight behind the low horizon. We lit a fire in the hearth, smelling of good smoke and warming our toes. Dinner was simple and satisfying, white fish and red rice, with milk and whole wheat gingerbread after.

Running on a paltry four hours of sleep was enough to drag my love to doze a full three hours before I normally slept, so we retired to the bed. He curled up around me, head pillowed on my shoulder, and our dog circled at his back before thumping down against him and resting her muzzle on his hip.

I pressed my palm to her glossy, warm fur and kissed my love’s forehead as he dreamed.

I am deeply blessed with small moments of sweetness such as these, and I offer my gratitude and adoration to Netjer for each breath.