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PBP Fridays: B is for Birthdays

This seems like a particularly apt topic to start a year of weekly explorative blogging, but bear with me as I explain just why.

Birthdays are not typically spiritual or religious events for the folks around me, so why I picked this as a topic for the Pagan Blog Project is probably not immediately obvious. I treat my own birthday as my new year and celebrate it in many ways similar to secular celebrations of the calendrical new year, Kemetic celebrations of Wep Ronpet, or Celtic celebrations of Samhain.

I like cycles. I like beginnings and endings. I like being able to leave things behind and approach the near future with a clean slate and a fresh eye. So my birthday is an important year marker, more important than almost any other holiday, secular or religious. (Christmas/Moomas and the Kemetic new year are on par, though. I also love the fact that the Kemetic new year occurs in early August, making it a great halfway point as compared to my birthday, which is Jan 15. I get two “new years”/points of renewal!)

On my birthday, at the time of my birth, I play music. In the past, it’s been a favorite radio station, a CD, Pandora, or my giant iTunes library. Whatever song is playing at/during the minute I was born, that’s the year’s theme song. This is inherently a light-hearted thing, not meant for serious divination or anything, but I’ve found that the song can be more precise than I expected. (This year’s song: Blind by Wolfsheim. It is especially nifty, I think, and may relate to my relationship with my Mother, Nebt-het.)

For my personal new year, I set intentions and goals. Some of these are one-offs, such as “start a savings account,” and others are habits I want to create and maintain (or simply keep maintaining from the previous year), such as writing regularly. I look back on last year’s, cross out the ones I’ve completed, and carry over the ones that are still valid. And periodically, I’ll review this list and remove invalid items and possibly add newly important things. I am nothing if not adaptable, and I don’t see any point to having a static list when my life is anything but.

Lastly, I do a new year divination. It’s a thirteen-card spread with my well-loved Tarot deck and has never led me wrong. I use it as a compass to see where my year is headed and what things I should pay particular attention to. Periodically, I’ll look at the results as the year progresses and see what’s come to pass. The divination is rarely done on my actual birthday, but usually within the following couple weeks, after I’ve set my intentions and goals for the year and gotten some of them rolling.

So, for me, my birthday actually is a part of my spirituality, especially with the divination for the new year; and since it’s a point of beginnings, what better topic to start the year o’ heathen blogging?

This post brought to you as part of the Pagan Blog Project.