Day 21 is another moment.

Unlike the last “moment” post, I’m actually going to use a recent moment.

Last night, I was sprawled on the floor in the living room, my bass guitar heavy on my ribs, plucking out growls from the low strings. I’d come up with a pretty good bass line for something-or-other, and now I was exploring to see if I could get another one. Maybe one that matched one of the songs I already had words for.

I found an easy rhythm and some notes that sounded good together. And then J grabbed the nearest djembe and started playing along with me. I nearly stopped, unaccustomed as I am to improvising with someone else, but we continued for a few minutes, and – man, J rocks the drums, but I am only just learning bass… but even together, we sounded pretty damn good. It worked.

And it was a little piece of magic, and glee, and hope for what we can accomplish together in the future.