I think I would like to start sharing some of the amazing things I learn from The Internet and its denizens. Perhaps even weekly. Who knows?

I learned how sexualization replaces opportunity with obligation; how girls and young women are so pressured to be sexy according to mainstream standards that they struggle to discover their own personal sexuality.

I learned that the things we’re afraid of are nowhere near as damaging as the fear itself.

I learned that being a writer is like being a lesbian sometimes, but it is worth it to stand up, stand out, and stop hiding.

I learned to observe without judgment – to witness my thoughts, emotions, and actions without placing them on a value scale of good-to-bad.

I learned that dueling cellists playing Smooth Criminal are pretty much the coolest people ever.

I learned that writers are people, not things – and there are certain pro-personhood measures that writers can take to preserve their already-questionable sanity.

I learned that there is now a free-range social media movement to support no cages (existing beyond simple categories), no copying (crediting the source), and no cruelty (respect and tact when debating).

I learned about the 11 best decisions someone made for their website, which were atypical in that they didn’t stick to the book and did have room for error and play.

I learned to folk the rules – er, I mean, I learned the “rules” of folksinging.

I learned that it’s okay for writers to not write about writing and that writers can write about writing if they want to.

I learned that there are free occupation-tailored marketing courses that are both informative and entertaining.

What did you learn this week? Share your discoveries and shinies in the comments!

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