I learned why James Bond could never be a woman – guys, this is a fantastic link and you should seriously check it.

I learned what to do when the internet sucks, which is, of course, link to ten hell yeah!s for each thing you read that makes you want to punch the monitor.

I learned that, when you’re being creative, the fact that it’s hard doesn’t mean you’re fucking it up.

I found a massive stash of awesome free ebooks! Way cool.

I found a 31 Days of Kindness Manifesto (PDF), which includes 132 ways to make kindness a daily habit.

I was reminded to live in this moment and enjoy yourself, even while you’re working towards even more awesomeness.

I learned that I should really be writing epic shit. (Doing epic link round-ups totally counts, right? Right?)

I learned how blogging can rock your world, but it may not be perfect for everyone.

I learned that Catherine Caine has the best facial expressions ever– um. Wait. I mean, I learned that your marketing should reflect your authentic self and purpose. (Oh come on, she talked about mohawks – how could I not link this?)

I saw THE most FABULOUS old motorcycle EVER and about shit myself from the sheer awesome.

I learned that singers and artists make use of a quality called chiaroscuro, which is both light and dark simultaneously; it can be translated into how we work with ourselves and stay mindful. I love the concept of chiaroscuro and will be chewing it over a lot now.

I learned that self-improvement makes you neurotic, so instead, why not think of your efforts to kick it up a notch as accessing your power?

I learned that we can be patient with our fellow human beings by reminding ourselves that we are no more or less imperfect than they are.

I saw the amazing visual map of the history of science fiction – I mean, wow. Damn.

Your Friday photo is a memory of peace from Colorado:

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"It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it." ~Dale Carnegie