(I may have to come up with a few variations on this subject line. Until then! Have shinies.)

I learned that “bright faith” makes everything brilliant and alive and a little bit crazy, and that’s the stuff of life.

I learned how to use social media without driving yourself nuts, while still being real and true to yourself.

I learned about 15 things you can do to improve your day – they are tiny and totally reasonable.

I learned that comparison is crap and useless. Everything’s subjective.

I learned how Do Mi learned how to play guitar, and I was motivated to keep trying.

I was shown a well-established list of guidelines on how to get published according to an agent.

I learned some self-strong guidelines about friendships and boundaries. These are excellent.

I learned that you shouldn’t wait for a crisis to stop fretting about the little things.

I learned that grief is a necessary thing – taking time to allow the pain, sadness, anger to exist is vital to being able to, in time, move on.

Lastly, I learned that Tal.ki is completely unresponsive to questions and help requests, whereas Nabble is feature-strong and awesomer, so I changed around the 15 Minute Ficlet forum and am so much happier with it now. Huzzah!

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Do you see what I see?

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