Man, this is the Mega Edition. Too much cool stuff in one week!

I learned that avoiding suffering is not the path to happiness and how to learn from it instead.

I read the 56 worst most smart-ass analogies used in high school papers and laughed my ass off.

I saw a sweet, beautiful story in art.

I learned that scientists have finally created a parthenogenic lizard species in the lab via hybridization. Sweet!

I howled at the best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook. Oh, god, guys, I died.

I learned that being allowed to struggle is a kindness and a necessity, as it is how we learn and grow best.

I read about some authors’ lessons learned from master worldbuilders.

I learned that being “cool” can be like wearing an emotional straightjacket.

I saw an incredibly beautiful, inspiring image-story on artistic evolution – you’ve got to see this, guys.

I learned that there are two kinds of asking why – the gentle, exploratory kind and the accusatory, perfectionist kind.

I read about best practices for beta readers and was relieved that I seem to be doin’ it right.

I learned how to live deeper, not busier.

I read a beautiful, brilliant post on self-wisdoms.

I learned the importance of a really good wallow (and a really good metaphor).

I learned that Camp NaNoWriMo is coming this summer! NaNoWriMo! In the summer! I squeed.

I was reminded that decompressing between actions is just as important as the actions themselves, and I wish more people practiced this.

And your Friday photo is from my yard, taken yesterday:

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