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I learned how to balance the mojo budget by avoiding things that cost me energy and engaging in things that energize me.

I found a LLAMA FONT. Yes.

I read about the allure of the “gay caveman” and the existence of third genders in various cultures.

I learned that you’re never really ready, but you can sure as hell be willing.

I learned that human skin is now being mass-producted in a robot-controlled factory. SCIENCE IS SO COOL.

I learned that scientists managed to teleport Shrodinger’s cat in the form of wave packets of light. Have I mentioned how much I love quantum science?

I read a letter to teenage girls that I wish I could send to every kid in high school.

I learned that we’re all stones in a rock tumbler, and our sharp edges will be smoothed down in time as we touch others and they touch us.

I learned that part of strength is knowing when to let go.

I learned about shenpa and how to deal with it, which is still blowing my mind because this is something I struggle with every day.

I found out that someone made a “Heaven” tetris game based on xkcd’s comic. Oh, it’s addictive.

I read about how future history students will think it’s embarrassing and ridiculous that we took so long to legalize gay marriage. This will probably prove true in time.

Your Friday photo was taken in Colorado a few years back; I still think it’s hilarious.

I learned some great tips on how to start bicycling to work, which is something I want to try once it STOPS BEING WINTER. Any time now, Nevada, really. Only two of the dozen mini-trees outside my office building are even budding. The rest are stylized sticks.

I found the Periodic Table of Storytelling, which is both interesting and entertaining.

I learned that, sometimes, being kind means being compassionate to another person’s troubles.

I found a book you can sleep in. YES.

And at the last minute, I found a fantastic manifesto that says that the internet is made of people, and people matter, so be nice. So much love for this one.

Your Friday photo is a shot from Colorado. That tiny, long-haired spec down there is my love, J. :)

Apparently, this week was slim pickings! Damn. I feel like I missed most of the awesome posts out there. Got any you want to share, folks?

I learned how to find serenity in an industry that doesn’t want you.

I learned how to steal like an artist.

I was reminded that the incubation time between actions is just as important as the actions themselves, like pulling back an arrow before letting it fly.

I read an amazing statement of queerness from a brilliant person who lives it and writes it. SO MUCH LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR THIS.

I looked at awesome illustrations of the year 2010, as imagined in 1910.

I learned that doing work – enacting changes in our lives and selves – may very well be the purpose for human striving. Not being happy or content or pious, but Getting Things Done that improve our realities and experiences.

I read about one woman’s thirty-day experiment into health and realized that telling myself “I only have to do this for a month! That’s all!” is a great way to ease into a new habit.

I learned that I want to go bicycling in New Zealand– er, I mean, that breaking a daunting thing down into little steps, starting where you are (which is Being Daunted), can get you through almost anything.

And your Friday photo is a bit of perspective from Discovery Park, Seattle:

I learned that, even though you can’t please everyone, there will always be someone who loves what you do and how you do it. Everybody gets their Right People.

I learned that each person’s experience can be valid and true for them without being the whole, objective, universal truth.

I read a fucking amazing poem called How To Make Love To A Trans Person and wanted to cry because it’s beautiful and visceral and real.

I read about the process of change: about having a path, going through the fires of the forge, and finding yourself on a different path – and adapting to the new road.

I read an article on finding personal freedom, which I mostly want to share because of the first step: don’t take it personally, which is so damn important. (The other three steps are good too, though!)

I read an Interstitial Arts review of two of my favorite creatrixes, SJ Tucker and Cat Valente. I may have squeed.

I learned twenty ways to overcome doubts and found my favorite to be asking yourself, “What will happen if I doubt this doubt?”

And I learned that there’s room for you all of you in what you do – your life, your passion, your work can include all of your facets, not just the ones that other people say are “right.”

And your Friday photo is actually a Friday artwork!

Inspired by the lyrics of Burning Bright by Shinedown:

the more the light shines through me,
I pretend to close my eyes;
the more the dark consumes me,
I pretend I’m burning,
burning bright

I learned to open up anyways and engage every cell – I truly love this post. It’s fierce and vulnerable all at once.

I learned that we’re all the little man behind the showy curtain, even though we think we’re the only one with a projector.

I learned that science supports the benefits of connecting with yourself; physics students who wrote an unrelated-to-physics essay about their personal values got better grades. For real.

I learned how to survive extreme suckitude by not denying it and not losing yourself in it, either.

I found a 1995 Newsweek article on why the internet isn’t that great or important. I laughed. A lot.

I fell the fuck in love with Catherynne Valente’s mythpunk cowboy poem, which even has an audio recording of SJ Tucker reading it in the best way.

I learned that maybe it’s better to be a “loser” than constantly war with the me-or-them winner paradigm.

I read about the unexpected, relentless medicine of love and was deeply touched.

After someone complained that Dragon Age 2 was neglecting their main demographic by having non-straight romance options in the game, I cheered my head off when I found out that Bioware responded by affirming their support to their entire audience, not just the traditionally-pandered-to straight males. Huz-fucking-zah, Bioware! I love you. Thank you.

And your Friday photo was taken at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado a while back:

I found a freaking awesome online resource full of math, science, history, and other lectures and exercises. For FREE. Spread the word and get your learn on!

I was reminded that there’s room in our lives for everything we love and it’s totally cool to not have Just One Thing as your passion.

I learned that being kind to yourself means sometimes asking for support – and sometimes not.

I learned that being comfortable can actually help us to change our worlds.

I noticed a trend going around with posting the rules by which a person writes, and I particularly love these ones. I may do my own version in coming days. :D

I learned that resolutions are best made as exciting coulds, not dutiful shoulds.

I learned about different kinds of governments and cultures possible on non-Earth worlds, and how the development and evolution of social structures are innately affected by the world itself.

I found a free ebook on going beyond rules and creating your own guidelines to live by, which is all kinds of awesome.

I learned that mindful indulgence is often healthier than total restriction from “unhealthy” things, including donuts. (Disclaimer: This does not apply to things that are restricted for medical reasons, of course.)

I found a wonderful fundraiser called 1000 Cranes for Japan, where you can sponsor a paper crane for 5$. All proceeds are donated to Direct Relief International’s efforts in Japan.

I found an incredible, woman-empowering quote from Kissing the Hag by Emma Restall Orr.

And your Friday photo is a prayer for spring to come soon:

I learned why James Bond could never be a woman – guys, this is a fantastic link and you should seriously check it.

I learned what to do when the internet sucks, which is, of course, link to ten hell yeah!s for each thing you read that makes you want to punch the monitor.

I learned that, when you’re being creative, the fact that it’s hard doesn’t mean you’re fucking it up.

I found a massive stash of awesome free ebooks! Way cool.

I found a 31 Days of Kindness Manifesto (PDF), which includes 132 ways to make kindness a daily habit.

I was reminded to live in this moment and enjoy yourself, even while you’re working towards even more awesomeness.

I learned that I should really be writing epic shit. (Doing epic link round-ups totally counts, right? Right?)

I learned how blogging can rock your world, but it may not be perfect for everyone.

I learned that Catherine Caine has the best facial expressions ever– um. Wait. I mean, I learned that your marketing should reflect your authentic self and purpose. (Oh come on, she talked about mohawks – how could I not link this?)

I saw THE most FABULOUS old motorcycle EVER and about shit myself from the sheer awesome.

I learned that singers and artists make use of a quality called chiaroscuro, which is both light and dark simultaneously; it can be translated into how we work with ourselves and stay mindful. I love the concept of chiaroscuro and will be chewing it over a lot now.

I learned that self-improvement makes you neurotic, so instead, why not think of your efforts to kick it up a notch as accessing your power?

I learned that we can be patient with our fellow human beings by reminding ourselves that we are no more or less imperfect than they are.

I saw the amazing visual map of the history of science fiction – I mean, wow. Damn.

Your Friday photo is a memory of peace from Colorado:

I learned that crows have amazing facial recognition, have dialects, and can make knives, among other crazy things. SO COOL.

I learned that you don’t have to just be vulnerable; you can be a safe place to land, too.

I learned that there’s an exception to every rule, including those you make about what you can’t do.

I learned that you’re a spoon, not a fork– er, I mean, that you should stick to your own truth, your own nature, and not try to be what you’re not.

I was reminded that being overweight doesn’t automatically mean you’re unhealthy.

I learned that there’s always more than one solution and that, if you own your problems, that means you get to do whatever you like with them.

I learned that you can’t very well have a rainbow without some damn rain.

I learned that yoga can be simple; this post contains an awesome video introduction to a breathing method and simple yoga-osity. (I may always prefer martial arts to yoga, but I really appreciate this kind of resource.)

I learned that we make the best choice available to us at any given time, and so does everyone else, based on our unique combination of past experience, overall paradigm/POV, physiological and psychological characteristics, and the situation we’re in.

And I learned that, goddamn, be yourself and tell the world to fuck off if they don’t like it.

This is a shot off our front porch from the last big storm. Some of these icicles reached about four feet in stature and lasted a week, forking at the tips as they slowly curved. It was EPIC.

This is apparently the Micro Edition of this post, because I only have four awesome things to share with you today. Damn. Slow week, I s’pose.

I learned that all the effort and time you can put into working on your self-image and learning to love yourself actually does pay off in amazingly real ways.

I learned that you can find more energy to be creative than you might think.

I learned this: do not minimize your existence.

I learned that the wall you keep hitting isn’t an obstacle – it’s the key to the next part of the journey.

It’s blizzarding again here, but since last Friday’s photo was a snowpic, I offer a refreshing change of scenery instead.

I learned that changing your vocabulary from car (drive, stuck) to boat (drawn, becalmed) can change your entire attitude about a situation.

I learned that if you make space, life will fill it.

I learned that “you are the only person on Earth who can use your ability.”

I learned how to reinvent yourself, rather than stay in your past self.

I learned that love is ugly, and generosity is often one-sided when it should be a two-way street of giving and accepting.

I learned that there’s nothing fluffy about self-love – it can be challenging, terrifying, and hard as hell.

I learned that you are the only authority on you – no one does you better than, well, you.

I learned that building momentum is easiest with small, unfailable tasks, rather than large challenges that can kill enthusiasm with too much difficulty too early in the game.

I learned that I am not the only one who uses structured procrastination as a system of productivity. Huzzah!

I learned three lessons from the ocean that really emphasize enduring quality and actual experience over I-read-about-it-somewhere knowledge.

I learned that the infamous V-day doesn’t have to suck (and also that this person is a ninja at making people happy).

And I learned that we are not, in fact, done with snow yet:

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